In all honesty, I’m just a guy who just wants to know what makes us tick – or better yet, what makes us stop ticking in tune with good health.

As a paraplegic, I’m no stranger to disability and recovery. It doesn’t matter whether it’s alcohol, or depression, recovery still has to happen, and I wanted to be a part of that process and help in any way I could.

Through grad school, I started to work with addicts and was amazed by their potential.

Wait, what? That’s right, potential.

Addiction is a mean disorder, but it forces people to deal with the issues that try and define them like none other. Learning to live life in an honest, truthful way – THAT’S recovery, and it’s just that which inspires me.

Addiction is quite a puzzle – understanding the how and why set me on the path to Turning Point in 1995 when I started Focus Recovery (how far we have come!).

Focus was a great project in that it helped people achieve that honesty essential to the healing process through therapeutic treatments. In 2010, I built Turning Point, which added the missing piece – medicine and neuroscience!

Using groundbreaking research, Turning Point pioneered an outpatient treatment program guided by the principle that 80% of all alcohol detox can be successfully conducted in an outpatient setting with no waiting lists.

After all, if people are invested in their recovery, why make them wait?

Beyond that, Turning Point is leading the way by combating addiction with special attention to trauma (more and more research points to a relationship between trauma and substance abuse) and drug therapies that can maintain sobriety.

So, what do I want to accomplish here at Turning Point? I am dedicated to making sure that those seeking help are supported (no big, nasty waiting rooms here!). It’s a collaborative venture where the patients and staff are working together for recovery – we’re all trying to improve ourselves, day in, day out.

It doesn’t just happen inside Turning Point either; recovery is a community venture, and I want to make sure that a support system is available outside the clinic’s doors.

The most rewarding part for me is that growth period after detox – positive change can happen so quickly, and even if it isn’t instantaneous, I am constantly amazed by the tenacity and transformation of my clients.