Summer recovery can be difficult. A lot of summer activities include alcohol, and when you’re struggling to keep sober, it’s not the best idea to be around such activities. Here’s a list of activities you can engage in this summer – drug and alcohol free.

Get Outdoors

Getting outdoors is a great way for you to exercise, enjoy fresh air, and maintain your sobriety. Morning hikes are calming, quiet, and nature-surrounded. Going for a swim at a public pool or lake or going for a run can be great ways to move your body and maintain your physical health.

You don’t have to be active to get outdoors. Consider going to a local farmer’s market, going on a picnic, or even trying your hand at gardening. Being outdoors can help boost your mood, and it can help keep you from triggering places.

Get Involved

Volunteering is a great way to get outside of your own head. Consider volunteering with an animal shelter, theater, museum, or even your favorite local church.  By putting yourself into a situation where you are giving your time and giving back, you are helping to fortify yourself against the temptation to fall back into addictive patterns. You can even volunteer hours online building websites or providing remote tutoring sessions.

Get a Hobby

Sports, board games, painting, woodworking, reading – all of these are activities that can help you relax and help keep you sober. On hot days, getting inside with some friends who support your recovery journey to play some board games can be just the thing you need. Other days, hammering into wood can help you to be in the moment while you create something useful or pretty. Finding hobbies that you enjoy go a long way to helping you to get out of the clutches of addiction.

Get Moving

Just as getting outdoors can help, regular exercising can help you to maintain your sobriety. Exercise releases endorphins, which give you a natural mood boost. Whether you join a sports team, join a fitness center, get some buddies together to toss a frisbee around, or just head out for a run on your own, you’ll be feeling the amazing things your body can do for you – without the aid of drugs or alcohol in your system.

Get Together

Surround yourself with other people. Don’t isolate yourself. Chances are, your closes friends and family members are supportive of your efforts to change your life for the better. Why not get together with those who are supporting the progress you are making for a clean and sober barbeque or a trip to the movies? By surrounding yourself with those who support your journey, you are bolstering your own efforts to remain clean and sober for the long-term.

Keep Busy

Whatever you do this summer, resolve to keep busy. After all, boredom is often a trigger for those in recovery to give into their addictive impulses. If you need support with your recovery efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us at Focused Recovery. We’re here to help you meet your recovery goals.