Detox at Focused Recovery

Detoxing can be a dangerous process

At Focused Recovery we care about your well being and want your detox to be safe and successful.

This information will educate you about:

  • What a successful detox requires
  • The risks of an at home detox
  • Benefits of using our state of the art facility

Whether you are attempting an at home detox or you are utilizing our state of the art facility and medical staff, please take the time to read this information.

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“I would just like to thank everyone at Focused Recovery for all that you have done for me throughout this difficult time in my life.” ~Recovery Success Patient

If you or your loved one has chosen to detox at home please take the time to read “Detoxing at Home?  5 Important Things To Consider Before You Start.”

Access Your Detox Information Here:

Detox House

Inpatient Detox

One of the greatest obstacles to getting sober is the fear of the difficult withdrawal symptoms one must endure. Our Detox House provides a comfortable, private, home-like environment in which to detox. Professionally trained staff are on hand to administer medications that will help lessen the symptoms a patient may experience. Our technicians are on-site 24/7 allowing us to make sure our patients are safe, receiving the prescription medications they require, as well as the nutrition necessary to restore their body to health. Think of it as the start of a total body healing process.

What better way to provide a positive start to recovery than by offering a detox environment that feels like home and offers the medical attention needed for a safe and successful detox.

Having a full-service kitchen and a cook on site is one of the best perks we offer at our detox house. We have a staff member that is able to cook for all of our patients. Should a patient choose to cook for themselves we support them with assistance in the kitchen. Whether it be for a gluten intolerance or a specific food allergy, we are able to accommodate most dietary needs.

Physical detox is only the tip of the iceberg in a successful detoxification process. Our clinical staff makes it a point to visit our detox house each day to get to know each patient and begin the process of recovery.

Our specialists understand recovery and work tirelessly, pulling together countless resources to make sure each patient leaves our Detox House ready for success.

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