Addiction Recovery: Turn it over to who?

As we continue our discussion of the 12 steps to recovery, I remember a comment I heard recently regarding step 3. Step 3 in traditional recovery programs is:

“I have made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God as I understand Him.”

This is another tricky step for a lot of people in recovery who are non-believers and can often be a stumbling block if the person can not wrap their minds around this idea. If someone doesn’t believe in God, then whom are they supposed to turn their will and life over to?”

Just Ask

 The most important aspect of step 3 is the acknowledgement that you cannot get through recovery alone. You need to turn to those you can count on to help you through this process.

Whether it be the program, the group, your sponsor, your family, or your friends; recovery from addiction is a very difficult process and if you are going to make it through, you will need to ask for help.

Turning your life and will over to those you trust to help you make it through recovery successfully is the key to step 3.

It Takes a Village

Have you ever heard the saying, “ It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, it sometimes takes a village to get a person to the other side of addiction.

The need to turn your will and life over to those who love and care about you is part of the healing process, both for the addict and their loved ones.

This process is important not only to heal the addiction, but also to mend relationships with those who have been negatively affected by your addiction. This is the first step to making amends with those you have hurt by showing your vulnerability and need for their help.

By beginning to ask for help and accept help you are turning away from the selfishness of addiction and turning toward the healing of recovery.