Jeff Ellis is our Turning Point Recovery Center Administrative Director.

At Turning Point:

He jokingly tells people that he spends most of his time here just hiding out in his office – but we know that for the last 4+ years, he’s been the force behind the day to day operations of our center.

The broader scope of what he does is business development. He works to expand treatment offerings to include up-and-coming programs, such as: In-Patient Detox, a Chronic Pain IOP, and a Medicaid Substance Abuse IOP.

He’s also the first contact for most clients, which lends itself well to his motivation for being here: helping others overcome their addictions. He enjoys his role in answering questions they may have prior to coming in for the first time, and he hopes that he can give them some hope during this often fearful and stressful time.

He likes being a part of the recovery field because he can relate to the client’s struggles. He, too, has struggled with addiction and that’s what initially inspired him to go into this field. He’s been sober since May 11, 2009 and he knows that it isn’t just a one-time process – it’s a way of life. He’s grateful that he’s been blessed to share this truth with others.

For most folks, they consider work a “have to.” For him, he “gets” to do his job.

Just for Fun

His favorite dessert is Crème Brûlée. Yum!

If he had a superpower it would involve moving a paperclip with his mind. He dreams about it all the time!

And his dream vacation is one that he has already been on but would like to experience again: Cancun!

A Favorite Success Story:

“One of our first clients, I thought he was a thug. He wore a tie with a pistol on it during his initial visit. He was stoic and unemotional. However, over the course of the next 10 weeks, he dove into his recovery and really worked the program. Turns out he was a professor, and is now one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.”

We truly appreciate Jeff and all his hard work and dedication here at TPRC.

~TPRC Team