There are no two patients who are the same, and neither are their addictions. At Turning Point Recovery Center, we understand this. We also know that addictions are caused by a root problem. It can be one that has been suppressed for many years, or caused by the daily stress of a job or home life. Getting to the bottom of that root problem is key to understanding and overcoming someone’s addiction.

Your Addiction Isn’t What Defines You!

There are many things that go into the treatment of an addiction. There is also a long line of factors that go into defining someone’s addiction, things such as

    • background and childhood
    • past trauma
    • lifestyle patterns
    • family history of mental illness
    • past addiction in the family
    • being adopted or abandoned as a child
    • how many times the patient has been to treatment before
    • past or current legal issues
    • medications
    • history of using

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Those are just some of the things we cover as we try to better understand a client’s addiction.

Treating the Addiction Is Only Half the Process!

We treat the addiction, but there is so much more that goes into it. First we need to learn what the addiction is a symptom of. What caused you to become an addict? What keeps you from getting clean? What will help you get sober and STAY sober? Once we have covered those key things, we can begin the process of treating and overcoming addiction! If you have more questions concerning addiction, contact us today!

~ Pamela Moore, MA, LMHC

Client Care Coordinator

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