Over the past month, we’ve taken a hard look at our detox program, and we see that our outcomes over the last eighteen months tell quite an interesting story.

Over that time period, we have initiated alcohol detox treatment for quite a few clients. Well over half of those admitted into our initial alcohol outpatient detox program continue their journey into sobriety, and that’s something we are extremely proud of.

On a national scale, you won’t see that kind of success. I believe two of the reasons we have such success is due to our personalized service and incredible staff members. Unlike a lot of outpatient treatment facilities, we conduct a comprehensive medical screening on your first visit when you need detox. On the surface, that alone sounds pretty amazing. Your initial visit is more than just a clinical assessment.

What Sets Us Apart
Our team specializes in recovery, and does an outstanding job of making a connection that goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a health care provider.

In a sense, staff members become a lifeline during those first few hours and days of sobriety. Empathy, care, knowledge, and communication are the keys to making sure that our clients are truly supported through their treatments.

Our medical staff is just one part of an amazing team that is truly dedicated to supporting clients throughout their entire journey. Each and every one of our staff members goes above and beyond what is asked during a regular 9-to-5 shift.

And, for many of them, work doesn’t end there. Quite a few of our staff members are known for giving out their personal contact information to clients who could really use a listening ear or supportive word. If someone misses an appointment, our caring staff is on the phone with a casual, “Hi, Sally, what’s going on for you?” Which is why it all works for our clients—nobody on our team gives up.

We stay engaged, tailoring our approach to what you really need. There are truly no standardized tests that give you an accurate picture of how addiction really works.

We Care Because We Know
Many of us here at Turning Point know firsthand what addiction feels like, as many of us are in recovery from some hurt, habit, or hang-up ourselves. As cliché as it may sound, each case genuinely is unique. We like to think of it like this—we mold ourselves and our approach around what you need so you really do feel supported and cared for.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night, a weekend, or during optimal business hours; addiction doesn’t follow the rules, and we know that. So, when you look at our success, which is really our clients’ success, it speaks of more than just a story with numbers and outcomes.

Our success is proof of the relationships we’re building with clients. Through empathy, expertise, and a holistic approach, we’re able to beat the national average by a long shot.

We know addiction is emotional, mental and physical, and we know it takes heart and soul to be there for the long haul—and that we have in spades.

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***Numbers Tell the Story: TPRC Ambulatory Detox past 18 months – 57 alcohol-dependent clients, 55 completed detox, ALL 55 started 10-week IOP program, 37 completed IOP (67% success rate). Of these 37, 33 started our After Care Program and continue to work on their recovery.