Turning Point has been a real godsend for me. When I started at Turning Point Recovery Center, I had something to drink despite telling my wife that I wouldn’t do that anymore (for I don’t know how many times). Unfortunately, she had gotten wiser after years of going through this and she had written up a contract with me. The contract stated that if I did it again, I’d have to go to a place like Turning Point.

Given that I’d been found out, I had a choice to make. I could turn my back on her and my kids or I could go to Turning Point. I knew that going to Turning Point would affect my work (because I had to report it) so this wasn’t an easy decision. But, I agreed to go to treatment and I was upset. I was angry that she would make me have an effect on my work like this. What I didn’t see is that I was the reason for that, not her. I tended to focus my frustration on someone else, usually my wife. She didn’t help things either. During family night, she would say something that would make many in the group feel badly for me. Which really “helped” me feel like she was the problem. The group is very protective of each other and you immediately get the feeling that you are not crazy. One of the things, which really helped me was one guy who said “I’m having to give up my best friend.” I knew enough to know that someone saying that was crazy (how could booze be your best friend) but I saw the deeper reality of that statement.

But it wasn’t until I realized that I had a part in all this that my life really started to change. I finally started cleaning up my side of the street. It took longer than I’d hoped it would, but it took what it took. Things aren’t perfect (and never will be, right Sean?). However, I’m making better decisions and I’m not under the influence anymore. I’m thankful for that and I know that the environment of Turning Point has made all the difference.

Thank you for giving me my life back!

If you are ready to get your life back in order, contact us and let us help you.

~Turning Point Recovery Center